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The territories it occupies are unique not only because they cover the important aquifer of the left bank of the Tagus, but also because two thirds of them are in classified areas, of which 11% in the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve.

Over one hundred and a half are the species of birds and mammals that populate them, of which about a dozen have a conservation status.

Their environmental value is incalculable and the preservetion of these ecosystems by reconciling them with sustainable agricultural practices is a fundamental purpose of Companhia das Lezírias.


So overwhelming wealth is destined to be studied and well-known, hence the ongoing collaboration with universities and research centers from which to gather new knowledge and from where innovation stems.

Our wines do not ignore this reality, making use of this terroir's exclusivity and making our brands ambassadors of a timeless set of values.

ABC 2020

We commit to producing BETTER, with less environmental impact, less energy and material consumption, less water consumption, less emissions to the environment, less waste generation, and conserving land and ecosystems. We are inserted in one of the most important reserves in the country - Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve and Natura 2000 Special Protection Zone - and we believe that environmental sustainability is also a factor of competitiveness and value creation.