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Tyto Alba

Unique and Ecological Wines

Tyto alba wines from Companhia das Lezírias have a unique profile, resulting from the unique location of their vineyards surrounded by a forest, south of the Tagus region. “Tyto alba expresses to the fullest the terroir it comes from and what nature freely offers us”

Protected Vineyards

Intriguing and mysterious, the tower owl (Tyto alba) finds refuge in the habitats promoted by the recognized sustainable agroforestry management of Companhia das Lezírias. Fundamental to protecting the ecological balance of our vineyards, this bird is one of the guarantors of our commitment to biodiversity conservation.

“Barn owl Tyto alba is a bird particularly associated with humans, as it often uses artificial structures for nesting and agricultural areas for food.

From this close relationship come direct benefits for human populations, from the use of the barn owl as an aid in organic farming practices to its sentinel role in assessing exposure and side effects of environmental contamination. ”In Final Report ( Prof. João Rabaça).

According to studies carried out, the Tagus estuary zone (Ponta da Erva) records an abundance of this species among the highest in Europe and perhaps the world from which detailed study of this regional reality is particularly relevant given the continued decline of barn owl in the region of Europe where their currently classified as a species with unfavorable conservation status.

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Green Project Awards 2014

CL won the 2014 edition of the Green Project Awards in the "Agriculture, Sea and Tourism" category, with the "Companhia das Lezírias: Forest Management for Biodiversity" project, which summarizes a set of work lines, whose main objective is to ensure the sustainability of forest management in Charneca, with particular emphasis on the conservation and promotion of biodiversity. Tyto alba wine is associated with the values embodied by the winning project and by all the management of Charneca conservation and enhancement of the natural capital.

Nest boxes in forest pest control

The nest box surrounding the Tyto bottle received inspiration from one of the many research activities resulting from partnerships with ICNF and the University of Évora.
One of these studies aimed to increase knowledge about bird species occurring in forest areas as well as the influence of human management on their distribution and abundance, or even their role as natural forest pest controllers. Between 2009 and 2011, 113 nest boxes were placed and monitored annually (12 for woodpeckers, 14 for bindweed and 87 for great tit). The nest boxes were set up to “boost the increase in insectivorous bird populations, which proved to be an effective measure to combat forest diseases and pests, with a marked reduction in both pine processionary nests in pine trees and cork oak defoliation. "
in Final Report (Prof. João Rabaça).